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The Mograbi Lab focuses its research on three central features of the human condition: emotion, memory and consciousness. We explore interactions between these features by taking an experimental neuropsychology / affective & cognitive neuroscience approach, working with healthy adults and clinical conditions, such as dementia, epilepsy and bipolar disorder. Our main goal is to produce socially responsible research that can improve our understanding of human experience and have a positive impact on people's lives. We are also committed to popularizing science to the general public. We hope you find our work stimulating. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about it.

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Emotional regulation in epilepsy

Emotional regulation in epilepsy

After surgery for refractory epilepsy, many patients develop interpersonal difficulties…

Beliefs about emotions and emotional regulation

Beliefs about emotions and emotional regulation

Beliefs about the unacceptability of expressing emotions have been reported…

Anosognosia, mood congruent memory and perspective taking in Alzheimer’s disease

Anosognosia, mood congruent memory and perspective…

Loss of awareness is a common feature of Alzheimer's disease…

The use of virtual reality as a mood induction procedure

The use of virtual reality as…

Research about emotion in laboratory settings is constrained by the…

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We are committed to transparency in science and registered visitors can have access to a variety of resources. We would be happy for you to analyse our data in different ways, use our stimuli, scales & questionnaires and expand on our research protocols.

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If you are an international researcher or student planning to spend some time in sunny Rio, please do write to us. We are also happy to welcome people who are willing to take part in our studies or collaborate in some other way.
Se você tiver interesse em estagiar ou fazer pós-graduação no laboratório, nos escreva. Estamos também sempre buscando voluntários para nossos projetos de pesquisa, seria um prazer poder contar com a sua participação.


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