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Insight and implicit adaptation in bipolar disorder

This study explores how people with bipolar disorder have insight about their own condition, focusing particularly on loss of insight during mania. The research also investigates how people with bipolar disorder may adapt to their condition despite limited insight.


Emotional regulation in epilepsy

After surgery for refractory epilepsy, many patients develop interpersonal difficulties and neuropsychiatric symptoms. This study explores the ability of people with epilepsy to regulate their emotions after undergoing surgery.


Decision-making in dementia

The extent to which people with dementia can make choices about their treatment and legal issues is a major source of controversy. In this study we explore the relationship between memory, awareness and decision-making in dementia, using neuroimaging to explore the neural correlates of this ability.


Psychedelics and self-awareness

The study investigates the relationship between use of psychedelics and increased self-awareness. In particular, the project aims to explore whether psychedelics can be used as a form of increasing self-awareness without detrimental mood effects.

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